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Cg150s servo grinder for sheet metal edge and fillet weld

Cg150s servo grinder for sheet metal edge and fillet weld
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Cg150s sheet metal edge and fillet weld servo grinder product introduction

The difference between cg150s and CG150 is that the swing of cg150s grinding head is driven by servo motor and servo drive. Swing angle, swing speed, dwell time and swing times can be set on the touch screen and controlled by PLC program. The motion accuracy of the grinding head is higher, and the adjustment is simpler and convenient. The right angle weld polished by the machine can be r angle of r1-10. The R-angle can be polished by special machine instead of manual, and the R-angle of polished products can be standardized. The mechanized operation of some grinding work is realized. It improves the grinding efficiency, grinding quality and good consistency, reduces the labor intensity of grinding workers, reduces the skill requirements of grinding workers and reduces the labor cost of grinding. The external dust collection equipment can realize the extraction and collection of grinding dust through the dust collection outlet connected with the sheet metal shield, so as to reduce the pollution of dust to human body and environment. The worktable can be adjusted up and down to make full use of the abrasive belt without waste.

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